Other Services

UGSS is a highly capable organization with number in-home and small business capabilities. We have included details on these capabilities below.
  • Access Point Installation service and configuration
  • Routers & Switches Installation service and configuration
  • Motion Detector Installation service and repair
  • POS Installation service and repair
  • Telephone System Installation service and repair
  • Video Conferencing System Installation service and repair
  • Firestopping Fire-Rated Walls and Floor Penetrations
  • Fiber Network Installation service and repair
  • Core Drilling
  • Conduit Installation (EMT, Aluminum, Galvanized)
  • Two-Way Talk back Systems (for Day Cares, Schools And Office buildings)
  • REX Motions or Push Buttons Installation service and repair
  • Access Control Turnstiles, Gates and Barriers Installation service and repair
Other Services USS

High Quality Standards

We work with the best suppliers in the business. Expect efficient and on-time intallation and care for your security systems.

Educated & Experienced Team

Years of experience installing complex systems throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Modern Business Solutions

Set up your building and organization for long-term success with our custom solutions.

Inspection & Accreditation

We’re certified to work with the most advanced systems and brands.

Management Systems

Next Generation Home and Small Business Management systems complete with 3G, WiFi, DVR capability and a feature-rich video solution.

2GIG is a member of the Z-Wave Alliance™, which enables 2GIG to provide customers with one of the most innovative and interactive home security platforms on the market.

If you would just like to purchase equipment, let use know what it is and, we will be glad to help.