Door Locking

Magnetic Lock & Electric Door Strike Installation service and repair

Locking Solutions

UpGrade Security Solutions offers a wide array of solutions from the highest reviewed brands including Securitech. These solutions include:

  • High-security locks and door hardware
  • Multi point locking systems
  • High-security exit devices
  • Ligature resistant locks
  • Over-the-door alarms
  • Seclusion room & sally port locking hardware

Looking for durable, customizable, easy to install lock security solutions? Contact us to hear more about the door locking solutions by Securitech.


Renowned for their innovative door locking products and solutions, Mr. Locks supply, install and repair all products for New York City’s very own “Go-To” high-security door hardware manufacturer – Securitech.


Award Winning Solutions

Our preferred brand is Securitech. Securitech has over three decades of success in creating and delivering innovative products to meet the most demanding locking and life-safety needs.

Amongst Securitech’s featured products:

Door Locking: MAGLATCH™

MAGLATCH™ is an integrated locking system featuring positive latching and electromagnetic locking for “Dual Locking.”

The Maglatch System provides for 2 locking points with no special knowledge egress. Ideal for areas where Access Control, Safety and Security are required. The system also complies with the ADA.

UpGrade Security Solutions MAGLATCH

Door Locking: SAFEBOLT™

The quickest & most secure way to protect your staff and students in classrooms, lecture halls, and auditoriums at the press of a button.

Shielded in a durable, nylon polymer sheathing, SAFEBOLT is an easy-to-install and affordable alternative to replacing cylindrical locksets. Designed for classrooms which are generally locked by key from the exterior, SAFEBOLT meets Department of Homeland Security’s #1 recommendation to quickly lockdown classroom doors from inside without the use of a key.

UpGrade Security Solutions Securitech Safebolt

Door Locking: AUTO-BOLT™ MAX

Ideal for multi-point locking with automatic locking function on high-traffic doors. Designed for locations accessible by staff and the public alike, AUTO-BOLT MAX offers maximum protection against break-ins combined with a simple unlock action.

UpGrade Security Solutions AUTO-BOLT

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