Commercial and Home CCTV Installations

UpGrade Security Solutions accommodates both Commercial Business and Home CCTV installations.

In any scenario, our CCTV solutions maximize security while reducing expenditures for overall security provisions. We offer a broad and diverse selection of CCTV solutions, including systems designed specifically for retail commercial sites, hospitality, military, anti-terrorism, and extreme CCTV.

Each deployment is performed by professionally certified technicians, and our work is guaranteed. Our main goal is to help you deploy the best solution for your primary objectives, when it comes to your security system. We externalize 3 basic concepts in order to design a system tailored made to fit your need, without hurting your bottom line.

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CCTV System Design

Selection of the CCTV components is an iterative process that takes place in conjunction with the design phase.

System design considerations include factors such as lighting, power, transmission, and cost. These factors are important in the design and layout of a CCTV system. In addition to these factors, camera types, lenses, monitors, multiplexers, and other components are also important considerations, when selecting CCTV equipment.

The scalability of CCTV systems refers to the ability of the system to accommodate additional components such as cameras, increased video storage, and additional monitors. Large facilities often implement CCTV systems in stages due to budget limitations or in order to verify system performance. The ability to easily incorporate hardware and software updates should be a consideration of a CCTV system design.

High Quality Standards

We work with the best suppliers in the business. Expect efficient and on-time intallation and care for your security systems.

Modern Business Solutions

Set up your building and organization for long-term success with our custom solutions.

Educated & Experienced Team

Years of experience installing complex systems throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Inspection & Accreditation

We’re certified to work with the most advanced systems and brands.
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Cost Estimates for CCTV

Cost estimates for a CCTV system should cover all aspects of the system’s life cycle including:
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Personnel
  • Operation

Using existing CCTV infrastructure such as cameras, camera mounts, and cable runs may reduce costs. Employing existing infrastructure is an important factor in controlling equipment and installation costs. However, as the capabilities of cameras and information handling components of CCTV advance, replacing old equipment and infrastructure may improve system performance and be a more cost-effective solution.

Give us a call; and lets us help you evaluate your current needs and future wants. Now is the time to ensure a viable security solution for your todays, and tomorrows.