The Digital Gatekeeper to Your Business

We insure that your business is accessible to only those entitled to use it. Our access control solutions leverage the latest technology so you don’t have to worry about who is in your facility without authorization.
Brivo from UGSS

Restricted, Authenticated

You control the access with ease and without worry.

Access control systems are facilities that allow you to restrict and authenticate who has physical access to resources and geographical areas at your physical site. Our ACLs will meet or exceed all security mandates to which your organization adheres. Our solutions include magnetic stripe, keypad, and proximity readers, key access, and biometric verification systems, among others. We tailor the deployment to your defined security strategy and the suitability to task of a given technology.

Whatever your size we have the products to accommodate your facility(s) and budget.

Multi-Site Installations

For Larger Multi-Site Companies who need to manage and stream line Access Controls from remote or centralized locations

Our cloud-based systems allow end users to manage entry into your buildings remotely, so when your employees forget their access cards, you can allow entry from anywhere in the world using a web browser interface. Cloud-based technology gives you the freedom to work where you please, while being able to run access for your business from one central location.

Give the convenience of mobile access to your employees and customers, so they can enter your sites with just their smartphone, and spend less time managing your security, and more time running your business.

Smaller Companies

For a smaller company we have onsite solutions.

We offer standalone (host controller-based), biometric and RFID readers. The standalone is a more frugal option for smaller companies looking for a fast and easy installation. This option requires no external controller or computer. It reads RFID cards, fingerprints, faces and/or finger vein pattern. It connects to either 12v door lock or panel via Wiegand, (12V 2amp POE optional). Your 1 or 2 door solution without the burdening financial costs associated with an access control system.

High Quality Standards

We work with the best suppliers in the business. Expect efficient and on-time intallation and care for your security systems.

Educated & Experienced Team

Years of experience installing complex systems throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Modern Business Solutions

Set up your building and organization for long-term success with our custom solutions.

Inspection & Accreditation

We’re certified to work with the most advanced systems and brands.

Access Control Demo

Schedule a demo with us to learn all there is to know about Access Control. We will invite a Brivo representative to join us. We can meet you at your location to do a live demo with our demo kit. You will get a complete understanding of how the system works and we can discuss the optimal installation for your location.

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